Taylor Caldwell has been interpreting different musical styles as an amateur musician for many years and is excited to bring his unique talent to a wider audience.

A product of the 60's, his inspired sound is a brew of that 'belle epoque' seasoned with the often harsh realities of today.

Having pursued a variety of musical endeavors including piano, clarinet, trumpet and more recently, voice. Taylor debuted his musical perfromance career as a drummer in a rock band.



Attracted to the raw acoustic sound of classic rock artists Dylan then Lennon, and Young, to name just a few, Taylor quickly picked up the guitar moved from the rear of the stage to the front and never looked back.

As life (and the '80's) would have it, Taylor found himself retreating from the performance world to the shelter and comfort of private life.

Taylor pursued a mainstream career, married and raised a family, but could never quite let go of his joy for music and performance.


The 90's ushered in a renewed creative spirit surrounding popular alternative music. It was supported by a tidal wave of new singer song-writers. The music of Joseph Arthur set things back in motion for Taylor.

For the past several years Taylor Caldwell has been honing his musical skills crafting a rich and musically diverse body of work ideally suited for solo performance.